FIDEA corporation





“We would like to be present in mind when in trouble”-With this goal in mind,

President and CEO / Makoto Hiraga

FIDEA was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and has been participating in various activities. Based on this goal, we will continue to provide request with discreet manner for a better manufacturing site for customers in the face of fierce environmental changes such as complexity and diversification surrounding the manufacturing industry. Starting with Thailand, we would like to expand into Southeast Asia, North America, China and other countries around the world.

We propose special parts, cleaning agents and equipment in the board mounting industry and our mounted nozzles overturn previous concepts and offer high-quality products with shorter delivery time and lower price than ever before. Special nozzles are also compatible with various mounters, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the maximum in production efficiency by developing nozzles for parts that are becoming more complex every year.

In order to solve problems, FIDEA always strives for customer-oriented services, proposes “new value”, and aims to create such a company that generates impression. We look forward to your understanding and support in the future.

Company Information

Name FIDEA Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address 294/14 Romklao Road, Khlong Sam Prawet, Latkrabang District, Bangkok 10520 Thailand
TEL (+66) 02-714-7621
CEO Makoto Hiraga
Number of Employees 4 people
Date of Establishment 2013
Capital 10 million yen
Major Banks Kasikorn Bank
Business Propose and sell mounter nozzles for any components.
Propose and sell cleaning machine and chemicals for solder/flux.
Main suppliers
  • BOSUNG Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • SAWA Corporation
  • SORIME Thailand Co., Ltd.
  • FUJI Chemical Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • ITP Co., Ltd.
  • Absolute SMT
  • Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.


We provide the most appropriate products for customers.