FIDEA corporation




Staff Introduction

Eyeyanee Kamalor

Operation Manager

My Name is Eyeyanee Kamalor. I graduated from Bangkok University, majoring in Advertising. In my spare time, I enjoy photography because I love to travel to a new place that I have never been before and also take photos for my good memories. The reason that I joined with FIDEA because I like Japanese’s organization which is systematic and punctual. This job is challenge for me.
I’m Operation Manager in FIDEA . Manage overall operations and is responsible for the effective and successful management of company.

Crown Kingmaithong

Sales Engineer Manager

I oversee sales project and provide solutions to customers. Our goal at FIDEA is to provide solutions to solve customer pain points. It is our belief that by doing so our business will serve its purpose and generate value for our customers. My background is in civil engineering. I received my Bachelor degree of science in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. I receive my Master’s degree in Business Administration from the National Institute of Development Administration.

Narawich Luanloi

Mechanical Engineer

My Name is Narawich Luanloi. I graduated from Kasetsart University Kampaengsan Campus, the major is Food Engineering. I’m Mechanical engineer in FIDEA. My hobbies are repair and custom motorcycle. In my free time, I often play soccer and play a guitar. My favorite sport is soccer. My biggest dream is going to watch the soccer match in Europe. The reason that I joined with FIDEA in Mechanical engineer because I was passionate about repairing and maintenance, I have expertise in maintenance. My roles in Fidea is Install machines, maintenance and repairing machines, Training for customers to understand to use the machine correctly. close relation with customer, I want to support my customers the best


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